In 2011, SOVA was born from three seasoned musicians based in the greater Seattle area, who subsequently created a rock-based landscape of sound; tinged with psychedelia, punk, and blues.  Soulful vocal harmonies present intruiging life messages.  In early 2018, Terry Hartness was added as a lead vocalist and shot the band full of adrenaline, to bring it to a new sonic level. 

SOVA's music is self-recorded, mixed, and produced, using a variety of traditional and experimental techniques.  The SOVA live experience will take you on a sonic roller coaster, charged full of burning guitar chords, thumping bass and drums. Bluesy, soulful vocal harmonies present intruiging life messages.

Mike Palais - Guitar, Vocals

  I have been playing guitar quite awhile now and what is the most important thing to know about music is how it encompasses all parts of your life, whether it is solitary moments where you are just fiddling or trying to figure out something you just heard, or social moments where you are happily practicing in some dank Northwest basement with a few people you randomly met from an ad that have become your very good friends, or on a stage in front of strangers spending a night out in some usually quirky, if not slightly smelly, bar creating some trippy mood that is temporarily shared. Then you are left the next day with the feeling that the night before you did something a bit special at least for you, or slightly out of the ordinary of every day life.  Music is the vibrating path to deeper meaning, and the most important part of that is the meaning of the friendships you make with other musicians and those willing to listen.  In our band SOVA, it is Chad Norley and Jim Mehl, two very talented dudes on a mission to create some serious music.  It is the special bond with a teacher, like the one I felt I shared with the great Seattle jazz guitarist Al Turay, who taught so many in our city for so many years before Seattle was too much about corporate meetings and monotonous beige storefronts that blocked out the sun more than our infamous cloudy days.  Al always said the great thing about guitar was that you would be working on it your whole life, that there was always something to learn or relearn or invent.  You'd never run out of interest in it, once you started.  The vibrations of music are all around us, in our hearts and heads, and are part of the fabric of the universe in which we find ourselves.  Like art or math or writing, something that is incredibly, just there, that we can all investigate and enjoy.  I am reminded of that often as with my wife Sandy, I watch my son, Mac learn and create on the piano left to him by his grandfather Jim, the same piano as a kid I'd sit under as my father played Moonlight Sonata.

Chad Norley - Drums, Vocals

 I started playing the snare drum in 5th grade and move on to my first drum kit and band “Thrust” in 7th grade.  After that band broke up in 8th grade I sold my drums, built cars, and chased girls until I moved to Seattle, immediately following high school graduation.  Being heavily influenced by the Seattle music scene, I was inspired to buy another drum kit and start playing again in 1993. Playing by myself mostly and occasionally meeting and jamming with other musicians here and there for years, I did not actually consider myself in a band until I started playing with an already longtime friend, Jimmi Mehl, in the summer of 2007. Jimmi inspired me and convinced me to take my talents more seriously and to start making drums more of a priority in my busy schedule.  I am forever thankful to him for this gift.  As the years past Jimmi and I played with a number of musicians under different band names until we met the amazing Mike Palais in 2011, from that moment I could tell the three of us clicked like no other group of musicians I had ever played with and my excitement to be in a band immediately reached new heights and has done nothing but continue to climb as the three of us continue to grow as one in SOVA.


James Mehl - Bass, Vocals

 I suppose being raised in a small Kansas town and being an individual who is bored easily doesn't mix too well.  Luckily, at a young age I was able to indulge myself in a smorgasbord of the best music ever created from the 60's and 70's, thanks to my older brother and an extensive vinyl collection.  I developed a huge appreciation for music and subsequently learned to play, write, record, and produce.  Later in life, my professional career took me throughout Asia and Europe, picking up pieces and stories of the folks I met along the way.  So for me, SOVA is the culmination of meeting my good friends and music partners Mike and Chad in Seattle, and being able to channel some of life's inspiration through music and lyric.