Released 03/01/2019
CD Baby
Released 03/01/2019
CD Baby
UPCOMING 2nd Full Length Album
  • 03:55 Download Story Lyrics Dirty Mess

    Look at you,
    All dressed up with your
    cruel point of view
    You say that you'll
    Build a wall
    Turn back the clock on a nation

    Easy to see
    how the power seems to
    come from the greed
    You feed on the
    bottom feeders
    To become their new sensation

    All hands on deck   CHORUS
    Your ship is sinking
    You better believe
    It's goin' down

    A joke it seemed
    until they followed with a
    Red wave of extreme
    It seems that
    History Repeats Itself
    But we will reverse the degradation

    The dirty mess
    will become clean
    when we turn the tide
    and fill it all with
    blue in between

    Cause you know that
    bad power that rises
    will always sink in the end
    ...sink in the end


Highly anticipated second album featuring new lead vocalist, Terry Hartness